The Panorama Project

Creating a panorama is a fairly easy task, but coming up with an idea that hasn’t been done a billion trillion times is a little trickier. Go Google panoramic photography. Seriously. Do it. How many of the images that you saw were of landscapes? EXACTLY MY POINT! But landscapes are the PERFECT subjects for panos. I thought I’d try to jazz up my panoramic session with a few selfies, just for fun and because I have no friends. This is how it turned out:

The Hideout

The Hideout

Thankfully, I own a tripod. Unfortunately, I did not own a shutter release at the time. I did get a great workout running back and forth to snap my shots, aaaaaannnnnnndddddd I also got a splinter… in my butt… on the last picture I took (where I’m reading a book)… and had to awkwardly ask my boyfriend to help me get it out when I got home… BEAUTY IS PAIN PEOPLE! Beauty is pain.


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